Saltwater Pools

What About Saltwater Pools?

Salt water pools are not chlorine free systems

A common misconception is that salt water pools can provide a chlorine free sanitation solution. The truth is that salt water pools still utilize chlorine as the primary disinfectant. Salt water pools are what's known as a "chlorine generating system". This means that instead of adding chlorine to the pool, you add salt. Electrolysis is then used to dissolve the salt water, creating chlorine as a byproduct. Salt water pools eliminate some of the maintenance headaches associated with pure chlorine sanitation systems, but they still expose you to all the health risks associated with chlorine sanitation.

Salt water pools are not "maintenance free"

Many dealers claim that salt water pools are "maintenance free". The truth is, It is still vital that calcium and pH are checked on a regular basis and maintained at the proper levels. Conditioner (cyanuric acid) must also be added and maintained at the proper levels to keep the chlorine from evaporating out of the water. Furthermore, water that is splashed out of the pool leaves salt behind when it evaporates, which can kill vegetation and damage pool surfaces if not frequently washed off.