The Barramundi Freshwater Swimming Pool Management System is an environmentally friendly, cost effective sanitation system that delivers a truly exceptional freshwater swimming experience; just like swimming in a crystal clear mountain stream. Barramundi is Australian designed for Australian climates, providing clear, clean water in all weather conditions throughout the year. Following is a description of this proven technology and the benefits of choosing freshwater.

The Barramundi is a multi stage and multi function sanitation system. Multi stage sanitation gives you the security of not relying on a single agent/technology (for example chlorine) to sanitise the water. The benefits of a multi stage sanitation system include:

  • Improved water quality
  • Biologically safe water for your family and environment
  • Reduced chemical consumption (if you choose to use chemicals)
  • Increased swimmer satisfaction
  • Lower operation costs (control box uses average $10 electricity PA)
  • Multiple redundancies (if one sanitizer fails the others remain working)

The Barramundi is a versatile multi function sanitizer which can be used in various ways:

  • Electronic oxidation and copper ionization (no chlorine*)
  • As above with automatic chlorine dosage
  • Electronic oxidation and chlorine only
  • All of the above can also have automatic pH control with your choice of Acid dosing pump or CO2 injection system

The electronic oxidation ensures chlorine is in free form, the chlorine is continually re-oxidised to free chlorine. The benefits of free chlorine compared to chlorine is that it is not detectable by swimmers, no smell, no taste or stinging eyes and a reduction in chlorine usage by 50 - 75%. The Barramundi system includes a sophisticated digital test kit, owners’ manual and quick guide.

The Barramundi freshwater system can cater to any pool size and design, new or existing. Including domestic, commercial, water theme parks, spas and Olympic sized pools.